Health officials recommend flu shots amid reports of low vaccine expectations

08 December, 2017, 01:38 | Author: Hope Soto
  • Health officials recommend flu shots amid reports of low vaccine expectations

This project, directed by Dr. James Crowe, also a pediatric infectious diseases physician at VUMC, seeks to develop a vaccine that will protect against all strains of flu.

The flu virus spreads through tiny droplets produced when people with the flu cough, sneeze or talk.

He says the flu shot is created to cover multiple strains, so if a different strain hits Central Texas you will still be covered.

Local health officials say that because of the influenza presence in Flathead County it's more important than ever to get a flu shot.

"Projects like this are why many of us do research", Creech said. This after the vaccine wouldn't work on several strains of flu in South America. In Australia, where winter flu season occurs during the Northern Hemisphere's summertime, health officials saw quite a bit of flu cases caused by the H3N2 strain-a strain typically associated with more hospitalizations and more deaths.

A flu outbreak that rocked Australia this fall could be headed to the United States next, experts fear. "In fact, in a year where it's low effectiveness, it's even more important that everybody get it so we can get as much resistance and we don't allow the virus to thrive and grow and keep changing".

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'I'm anticipating this being a bad flu year, ' infectious diseases specialist Dr Pritish Tosh, of the Mayo Clinic, told Daily Mail Online. It's a less effective match for the B strains, which so far account for only a small handful of reported lab results in Maine. "That's why we take the flu very seriously".

Flu season starts at the beginning of October and runs until May or June.

But while there has been an uptick in cases reported locally, said Sara Mendez, heath education and promotion director for the Brazos County Health Department, it doesn't yet mean the Bryan-College Station area will be hit particularly hard this year. Health experts recommend everyone over the age of 6-months get the vaccine.

Nevertheless, the state is urging everyone to get a flu shot. When vaccines are well-matched to circulating strains, estimates of effectiveness range between 40 and 60 percent, according to the Journal.

Despite those misgivings, she encourages the elderly and those with underlying heart and lung conditions or with suppressed immune systems, who are vulnerable to influenza and its complications, to get their shot to obtain "all the protection you can get". The peak infection period of Influenza illness in New England occurs between January and February, though it can last as late as May.



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