Independent truckers protest electronic device that monitors driving habits

06 December, 2017, 01:00 | Author: Brenda Erickson
  • Early morning traffic backs up on Interstate 5 during a Jan. 11 snowstorm in Portland Ore. Truck drivers say such conditions combined with limitations on their working hours cost them a lot of money because of their mileage-based pay

The logs record the time truckers spend behind the wheel.

There were demonstrations across the nation and in Kansas, as truckers protested a federal mandate becoming effective later this month.

With the ELD Mandate compliance date (December 18th) less than two weeks away, Norris talks about how ELDs will change trucking with respect to issues like criminality, trust, independence, and professionalism. He said they will slow down his delivery times. After that, they must take a 10-hour rest before the clock will reset.

The events were organized by ELDorMe, which started out as a Facebook group for truckers who want lawmakers and the public to hear their concerns about the ELD mandate. Killeen and other southwest Missouri truck drivers say they are in favor of U.S. HR 3282.

"If I'm driving 74 miles per hour and I see a vehicle easing up on me, I will usually let off and let the auto go on, but after the ELDs go into effect I can't give that courtesy anymore because every time I let off the accelerator I lose money".

"There are cost estimates that it will cost an additional $42 billion [to truck goods to market] in 2017 and going up from there to consumers".

"That truck is my home, my business, my money-maker, first of all it's my home, I have a right not to have a tracking device on my home", said Kim Schwindt, whose being driving big rigs for the last six years.

These will include a 90-day temporary waiver from the ELD requirement for transporters of agricultural commodities, formal guidance specifically pertaining to the existing Hours-of-Service exemption for the agricultural industry and guidance on the "personal conveyance" provision.

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"You've got a time clock you got to look at", Reynolds said.

Wilt said truck drivers work a 14-hour day, and 11 of those hours are designated for drive time.

"This is a violation of our privacy", said Harry Singh, President of the United Independent Truckers of America.

"We say if you like the ELD you can keep it".

The ELDs allow companies to closely monitor a truck's whereabouts and operation. We're going to get it done.

"We're confident that upon further examination, the administration will find that livestock haulers need additional flexibility in the mandate, specifically in the restrictive Hours-of-Service rules". "They see they are stopped and basically threaten their jobs".

"I think a lot of people are going to be driven out of this industry", Babin told reporters from KHOU-TV.



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