Google Chrome will automatically kill annoying ads starting tomorrow

14 February, 2018, 20:01 | Author: Becky Perry
  • Google Chrome ad filtering crackdown here’s how it works

Google published a blog post today, which goes into detail about how the blocker works. "To us, your experience on the Web is a higher priority than the money that these annoying ads may generate-even for us", said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President, Chrome clarifying Google's take on creating a balance between consumers, content producers, hosting providers, advertisers, Web designers, and other players on the Internet.

"We've already seen more and more people express their discontent with annoying ads by installing ad blockers, but blocking all ads can hurt sites or advertisers who aren't doing anything disruptive".

Chrome's new filtering system follows the Better Ad Standards guidelines to block the most annoying types of advertisements, like full-page pop-ups or flashing, animated ones. For desktop users, the notification in Chrome's address bar will look similar to Chrome's existing pop-up blocker. On desktop devices, this message will appear in Chrome's address bar; on mobile, it will show up at the bottom of the screen.

Those ads get on user's nerves and may even force them to install an ad blocker.

So, Google will be assessing how well sites comply with the Coalition's standards, informing sites of any issues, and giving them the opportunity to address those problems. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter. Site owners can also see more detailed results, such as the specific violations of the Better Ads Standards that were found, via the Ad Experience Report in Google's Search Console. However, with many people using third-party ad blockers that are blocking these ads entirely, taking steps to enforce better advertising practices via feedback from the Google Chrome ad blocker may pay off for websites in the long term through better site rankings. "The standard is being applied evenly and we'll be removing Google ads from sites if they're in violation". If so, network requests on the page - such as those for JavaScript or images - are checked against a list of known ad-related URL patterns.

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All of this native ad-blocking on Chrome will commence on February 15. The blocker is based on the EasyList filter (which is used by just about every ad blocker), and also affects Google's own AdSense and DoubleClick platforms. It's goal is to improve the ad experience for all web users. "And as new technologies push the web forward, we'll continue working to build a better, more vibrant ecosystem dedicated to bringing you only the best experiences".

Kelsey LeBeau, is a Google product manager that has helped formulate the online behemoth's response to the recent uptick in anti-advertising sentiment among web users, research indicates that growth rates in the installation of adblocking software hit double-figures circa 2014.

"We believe these changes will not only make Chrome better for you, but also improve the web for everyone".

Google's planned ad filtering feature in the Chrome browser will be going live tomorrow, and the company has laid out a guide explaining how the feature works for the sake of transparency.



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