Chuck Todd Responds To Trump - Vulgarity "Creates A Challenge To All Parents"

13 March, 2018, 04:33 | Author: Brenda Erickson
  • Earlier on Saturday Trump had claimed that the'fake news had changed their response to his newly announced meeting with North Korea

"He did that through the entire presidential election, including all the Republicans that he beat", Mnuchin added. He added, "It creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that". What Todd did in an interview Sunday with the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, who has nothing to do with Trump's decorum, is inject himself directly into things. "So these are campaign issues".

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was horrified by President Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania Saturday, saying it reminded him of a certain Italian dictator.

"I bring my kids up to respect the office of the presidency and the president", Todd, moderator of "Meet the Press", told NBC News4 in Washington on Sunday.

Trump's controversial reference was also raised on the NBC program Sunday morning, with guest Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ultimately brushing aside the comments, noting that "he's using vulgarities in the context of a campaign rally and obviously there were a lot of amusing moments on that rally".

Todd isn't the only person to object to Trump's use of objectionable language during his speech.

"Yes, they were hilarious", Todd dryly responded.

"The president of the United States in the past has been a beacon of freedom of the press", Todd told Mnuchin.

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Former Congressman Joe Walsh also went online to express his opinion on the matter. "I think we all have an opportunity and a responsibility to be examples to our kids..."

Todd had already winked at the comments in a tweet promoting Meet the Press, writing, "Don't miss @MeetThePress tomorrow!"

Another Trump supporter by the name of Philip Schuyler also took to Twitter to give Todd a telling off.

Mnuchin accused Todd of putting words in his mouth.

Trump supporter Collin Rugg accused the left of "losing their minds" when Trump fights back, despite liberals "spending all day attacking and slandering" the U.S. president.

The Saturday rally wasn't the first time that Trump has referred to Todd as being "sleepy". They used to try to at least hide this.



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