GOD OF WAR is The Answer To Your Gaming Prayers

14 April, 2018, 13:53 | Author: Pamela Mathis
  • SIE Santa Monica Studio  Sony Interactive Entertainment

Favor Performance mode does unlock the framerate to 60 FPS and makes the game nearly always run at more than 30 FPS.

Players concerned over the introduction of a companion for Kratos, a man who tops the list of characters not in need of assistance, need not be. This is still the same, brutal Kratos we've met in the past. God of War is an even bigger and deeper game than you may expect, and certainly the the most narrative-driven and emotional take on Kratos and the series yet. But there's a secret within Atreus that Kratos doesn't want to be discovered, and it seems central to both their journey as a family and the well-being of the world around them. The combat has changed drastically, the tone isn't quite as oppressively dark, the story takes center stage and even the perspective has shifted to bring the player closer to the action as battles and conversations unfold.

As for the entire story itself, well, from the 12 hours that I've gone through, you ought to prepare yourself for a slow and steady build up, with more questions than answers at first. It's compelling and it will keep you curious, whether or not you're into Norse Mythology.

Kratos becoming a more complex character doesn't mean that Sony Santa Monica has lost sight of what made the old God of War games great.

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But is it still violent? Yes. It's a departure from everything that once was God of War. Or, if you're playing the game on a 1080p screen, the Pro's supersampling will enhance the details. You can, for example, hurl the axe onto a target and call it back to you right after, hitting whatever it goes through. Their dynamic changes shape a few times over the course of the story, and their relationship involves a lot more demon blood and magical artefacts than the typical parent-child relationship, but Kratos is still a distant, emotionally remote father trying clumsily to reach out to a son who feels unwanted. Atreus, then, is the ideal companion. Watching Kratos, who has been a one-note character for much of his existence, grow and evolve over the course of the game, both as a parent and a "person" (even though, yes, he is still a god), is genuinely stirring. It gives the map a sense of depth, although you'll occasionally have to suspend your disbelief about why Kratos is unable to leap over a knee-high rock to access cut-off rewards.

Unsurprisingly, the Nordic gods aren't best pleased and are doing what they can to remove Kratos from the equation. You have a button to fire an arrow at an enemy, but it is crucially a button to order Atreus to shoot, and therefore depends on where the wee AI-controlled lad happens to be standing. Regardless of what you may think of God of War as a franchise, it's obvious that the gaming world doesn't just like the new game but are in a little bit in love with it. Producing 4K graphics is incredibly demanding from a technical standpoint, but it seems as if the developers have over-promised if they weren't able to deliver that sort of graphical fidelity while also maintaining at least 30 FPS. You're given a shield to use from the start, and intrinsically tying it to your attacks is perhaps more important than landing a blow in the first place. There's a chance that all the changes in this game would cause polarizing opinions, especially for purists of the game. That's not because God of War hinges its whole structure on a twist, or a gameplay trick you'll never see coming-it doesn't.

DualShockers (10/10)"Once mastered, God of War's combat is one of the most rewarding I have tried in a long time".



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