One Palestinian Killed, Dozens Injured in Clashes on Gaza-Israel Border

15 April, 2018, 06:21 | Author: Brenda Erickson
  • Israel Faults Soldiers Who Filmed and Cheered Shooting of Palestinian

Israeli forces using live bullets against Palestinian demonstrators have caused the death of 33 people since March 30, Palestinian officials said Thursday. Over 20 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire over the last two Fridays, stirring condemnation from human rights groups and prompting an Israeli army investigation of the circumstances of the killings. More than 3,000 Palestinians have also been injured by Israeli gunfire.

On Friday, hundreds flocked to one of five camps near Gaza City, stepping on a large Israeli flag laid out on the ground at the entrance.

Inside the northern Gaza Strip, Sumaya Abu Awad, 36, attended the protest collectively along with her three daughters and son.

"I am from the village of Hiribya and it is my right to return to it", she said, referring to a village north of Gaza destroyed in the 1948 war surrounding Israel's creation.

"I am not afraid of dying on account of there's no life in Gaza already".

Last Friday, about 20,000 Palestinians demonstrated along the Gaza border in what Israel has described as a riot orchestrated by Hamas, and what Palestinians say was supposed to be a peaceful protest.

One of the Palestinians was in critical condition, Palestinian medics said, as a protest dubbed "The Great March of Return" moved into its third week.

Several thousand people gathered Friday at a tent camp east of Gaza City.

Israel Faults Soldiers Who Filmed and Cheered Shooting of Palestinian
Soldiers laugh at unarmed Palestinian man being shot dead

Smaller numbers approached the fence, throwing stones and rolling burning tires toward soldiers taking up positions on the other side.

Israel accuses Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs Gaza and with whom it has fought three wars since 2008, of using the protests as cover to carry out violence.

It has pledged to stop attacks, damage to the fence and infiltration bids, and says there have been attempts at all three.

The lifeless from remaining Friday included a journalist, Yasser Murtaja, who witnesses talked about was sporting a press vest on the time he was shot. Gaza has endured a border blockade by Israel and Egypt since Hamas overran the territory in 2007, a year after winning Palestinian parliament elections.

"Media reports suggest that on Friday, Israeli soldiers will once again be ordered by high command - in contravention of global law - to engage in sniper fire on Gaza residents who come within 300 meters of the border fence or engage in other non-life-threatening actions".

Hamas officers have talked about in present days they want this week's protest to see a lot much less bloodshed and hope to keep up momentum setting up for Might 14, when the United States is anticipated to maneuver its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump's controversial decision to move the embassy infuriated Palestinians, who see the annexed east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

That is the day Palestinians will mark the 70th anniversary of the "Nakba" or "Catastrophe", when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced amid violence culminating in war between newly created Israel and its Arab neighbors in May 1948. One path toward lifting the blockade would be to have Hamas' political rival, West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, take over the Gaza government, but recent Egypt-led talks on such a deal have run aground. In the fourth such opening this year, the Rafah crossing to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula will be open until Saturday for humanitarian cases, the interior ministry in Gaza said.

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